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Lincoln Oval Park Playground

Lincoln Oval Park Playground

Lincoln Oval Park Playground

Lincoln Oval Park Playground

Garden Street Plaza

Garden Street Plaza

For over 12 years, the many different groups have talked about the need for shade over Garden Street Plaza. The Foundation had been presented with plans that cost from $50,000 to $500,000 and had not yet been able to bring the groups involved to a consensus on an acceptable plan nor budget. In 2012, the Foundation had a definitive plan for a shade structure drafted and established a budget of $50,000. Ground was broken on the project in February, 2013 and it was finished in May, 2013.

Movies in the Park

Movies in the Park

Movies in the Park has been a well attended event for the Parks and Recreation Department over the past few years. They were, however, renting a screen for these presentations and their sound equipment was inadequate for their needs. The Foundation, in 2013, purchased a new movie screen for the program followed, in 2014 by new sound equipment. These purchases improved the quality of the program and saved money for the City through the elimination of rental fees.

Perry Family Park

Perry Family Park

In 2013, the Perry Family donated $80,000 to the completion of Perry Family Park. In return, they receive naming rights for a determinate amount of time. This donation went directly to the improvements at the park and will benefit the City for years to come.

Notable and Most Recent Projects



Our most recent accomplishment is the installation of a new play structure at Lincoln Oval Park.


Riverway Sports Park naming rights donations and other contributions amounting to over $500,000!


Completion of the Jim Byrd Playground at Riverway Sports Park with a budget of $65,000 and including hundreds of hours of volunteer labor.


Riverway Sports Park Phase III Donation from COS Foundation, $100,000


1,000 Hands Tile Wall 


Garden Street Plaza Shade Structure with a budget of $50,000


Fourth of July Freedom Celebration remaining free to the public through our tenure as organizer.


Completion of Blain Park II improvements.  $20,000


Rotary Park improvement including path and landscaping with a comprehensive plan for further improvements and expansion approved by the Commission.  A recent grant was given to us in the amount of $15,000.00 to continue work here.  


New Inflatable screen and sound equipment purchased for Movies in The Park.  


Celebration of Life Tree Project


Shannon Baseball Complex Naming Rights


Donation of Land for the East Visalia Park Project


Greenway Project Grants in excess of $60,000


Perry Family Park naming rights donation


Saputo Sports Field naming rights donation


Concerts In The Park


Purchased portable generator for Parks & Rec. Department


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